Graffiti & Glam FAQ

Graffiti & Glam: FAQ

Date: March 3, 2018

Time: 6:30–10:30 PM

Location: The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey

Parking: At the Art Center, with runover at LCJ Summit Middle School

Attire: Cocktail

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be followed by a seated dinner presented by David Ellis Events.


Silent Auction Procedures
This year’s silent art auction is mobile!

This year’s auction will be run through the web-based program, 32Auctions. This auction is completely mobile-friendly with no software or apps to install. It runs through your existing internet browser and your email, so you can participate easily via your smartphone.

To participate, go to Click on any auction item. The site will prompt you to create an account via a yellow bar at the top of the screen. Click on that link, and enter your email address, your first and last names, a unique bidder name, a password of your creation, and your phone number. The site will email you an account verification and a new link to the auction. Then you are set to bid!

When you are ready to bid on an item, you will notice you have a choice to bid an exact bid or a proxy bid. An exact bid is exactly the dollar amount you wish to bid at that moment. If someone outbids you, you can go back and place another bid. A proxy bid is a ceiling bid which allows the program to raise your bid by the minimum bid amount to remain the winner, up to the dollar amount you place as your limit.

If you are outbid, you will receive an email notification that will include a link back to the item on which you are bidding.

Because you provided your credit card at check-in, you will be automatically charged for any items you won. The silent-auction pick-up area will open immediately after the silent auction ends.


1. Go to

2. Scroll down and click view all items.

3. Click on any item to show a link to create an account.

4. Fill out fields.

5. Check email for verification.

6. Check your email and click the link back to the auction to verify your account.

7. Start your bidding!

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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Wilf Family Foundations


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