Visual Arts Center of New Jersey at the Rahway Culture Crawl

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The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey nurtures the capacity for personal expression, expands the creative experience, and fosters stronger communities by empowering people to see, make and learn about art. Through exhibition, studio school and community programs, the Art Center engenders connection, curiosity and creative risk-taking among its constituents. To this end, the Art Center will be participating at the Rahway Culture Crawl on September 23, 2017, and will be featuring the work of artist Jennifer Hughes.

As a photographer, Hughes leaves herself open to the stories unfolding all around us, contained in the briefest of moments and the most unexpected of places. These “glimpses” are found in everyday things–the sudden alignment of shape, color, lines, and light that comes together for a moment and points to something bigger than itself. She sees her photographs as an opportunity to transform a perception of something or someone. Through the manipulation of scale, perspective, and surroundings, the subject can shed its old familiar “self” and take on an alternate identity and thus a new meaning. A pile of rusty scrap metal becomes a magnificent sculpture. A tiny insect becomes a larger than life creature that dominates the frame. Hughes reminds us there is beauty everywhere–look closer, look deeper, and look often.

The Rahway Culture crawl is a one-day explosion of arts, culture, and music that takes place in downtown Rahway, New Jersey. Taking place from 1pm-6pm on Saturday, September 23, the event features live performances, interactive art, sculpture, video, audio installations, music, and unique vendors. This arts-based event is an opportunity for artists, musicians, and performers to create and present new work, and offers the public a chance to experience and engage with the arts and business communities in a unique and innovative way. For more information, visit

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