Paper Mill: Watercolor Students of Fernando Catague

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The satellite gallery at the Paper Mill Playhouse saw a great turn out at the opening for the students of Fernando Catague’s watercolor class. On Sunday, April 2nd , a crowd formed on the on the second floor of the Playhouse to admire the work of Fernando Catague and his talented students. Fernando has been working at the Visual Arts Center as a watercolor instructor for several years and is incredibly beloved by his students.

The show consisted of a mix of content from landscapes to portraiture, wildlife imagery to street scenes and even a few abstract pieces. The layout, done by Paper Mill Playhouse Facilitator Lauren Katz, really lent itself to creating a smooth transition between the different subject matter. The great thing about Fernando’s teaching style is that he gives his students the knowledge and techniques they need to succeed but then allows them the freedom to each to paint about which they are passionate. The result is a diverse show full of works done by truly gifted artists. The show will be up until April 27th,followed by the opening for Howard Nathanson’s painting class on Sunday, May 28th.

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