Open House: Spring 2017

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Open House Spring 2017

Come tour our studios and see everything that the Visual Arts Center of NJ has to offer this spring and summer! Hear about our summer art camp and our spring classes, and meet many of our talented teachers! Admission is free and all ages are encouraged to come. April 6th, 5:30-8pm.

Summer Wonder Camp

We have an entire room dedicated to the Summer Wonder Camp! You can meet teachers and see what all we are planning for your children this summer.

Spring Semester

Renee Furst will work and demonstrate Pique Assiette applications. To quote Nancy Olliver, “Pique assiette, also known as shard arts, is a very popular folk art style of mosaics. In French, pique assiette literally means stolen from plates. This kind of art incorporates recycled bits of broken china, porcelain, ceramic tile pottery, stoneware and found objects that are used to make one-of-a-kind and eye- catching art creations.”

Michael Wolf will have soapstone and stone carving tools so that students can try their hand at stone carving.

Megan Becker will show work examples and will welcome visitors to try out Photoshop for themselves

Mark Saenger will bring small sample works and will demo some small black and white paintings with opportunities for hands-on participation.

Peter Syak is planning demonstrations with hands-on participation (making pendants). He will promote Raku Fest by offering the opportunity to glaze and fire their pendants at that event. Will also promote classes and the ceramics department. Will have a display of his works.

Mary Jean Canziani is bringing in different types of printing plates and the prints that were made from them. She will also demonstrate how to carve a design in a linoleum substrate and allow attendees to try inking and burnishing with a spoon. 

Ellen Monroe has a great contour line drawing demonstration, including a big exuberant still life in the center of the room and supply paper, pens and pencils, charcoal, and easels for visitors. Learn drawing from observation. As she teaches children as well, she will help you create neon heads/busts out of model magic with your kids!

Kate Eggleston will be doing an indigo shibori demo (binding fabric and dyeing it) to promote upcoming her 9-week class. 

Sue Sachs is showing students’ finished pieces so people can see what they do in the studio. She will be bringing some of her own work so people can see her sensibilities and skills and will demonstrate tools so people can see what goes into making a piece.

Kelsey House, who teaches a color class for teens,  will have examples of her work. The students can look forward to lots of brainstorming and exploring what colors mean and how they are used in famous artworks, how we see colors every day, and how they are used to communicate messages to us.  Students can plan to take away an idea of what their pieces will look like and gain a better understanding of color.

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